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HIM's resources specialize in ingestigation, retrieval, & analysis of supporting evidence from digital media such as:

Computers Tablets Cell Phones Social Media Sites

Billions of pages
The ‘digital universe’ now contains 4.4 trillion gigabytes and it’s doubling every two years. That means by 2020 it will hit 44 trillion gigabytes.  90% of the data has been created in the last two years alone. In fact, every day, we create over 2.5 GB of data.  HIM uses Forensic culling to help our clients review evidence NOT raw data.

A cellular phone has become key to, Communication, Direction, Storage, Photography, etc.
Sample iPhone collection report: HIM iPhone report
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Asset search & tracking services also available

Our services in this area include data gathering and expert testimony based on the forensic data analysis.

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